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What's New?

Update: 06/07/2024
Added 8 Bit Boyz Website To The Links Page.

Update: 06/03/2024
The new Links Page is now active on the website. If you would like to have your website added leave me an email at bucko@wrgnbr.com and I will get your site added.

Update: 05/27/2024
I haven't updated this website as you can see in well over a year!! Today though I have started the updating procedure. The Image Support Section has been updated with the latest downloads of my BBS On A Stick project, both Linux and Windows. The Latest Image BBS v3.0 Master Disks. In addition to those files, the Wrong Number Family PFile Disk 1 is included along with a copy of Striketerm 2014 which works flawlessly with my BBS' for uploads and downloads. There is now two (2) different tabs on the top of the screen for All of my BBS' and then one for just the Commodore BBS' which supports Commodore Color Graphics. Look for more updates in the coming days!!!

Update: 11/12/2022
Over the past several weeks a lot has been taking place with all of the BBS' the Mystic BBS (Wrong Number ][) was converted over to Linux. The Door Server has been updated to Synchronet 3.19b. Unfortuately, Bucko's Den II (Enigma .5) has been taken down due to lack of use.

Update: 10/01/2022
I have reset BRE, Yankee Trader, Falcon's Honour, Tradewars 2002 was reset a few days ago. If There are other games you want to see reset please leave me some email at bucko@wrgnbr.com DuckDNS seems to be having issues today (10/1/2022) and the Door Server seems to not be able to be accessd from outside, the BBS's seem to be working as does the website although slower then normal. I will post when it is back to normal. Have to be honest, this is the first outage since I joined DuckDNS in 2018, so I can't complain. If you can't access the BBS' you can use the backup DNS server at wnbbs.dynu.net then add ports of the different BBS' you want to log on to.

Update: 09/03/2022
A lot has been going on over the past several months with the BBS's Wrong Number ]I[ C-Net Amiga software has been updated to v5.34b Wrong Number ][ Mystic software has bene updated to A48. I have found 49 disks of Amiga Telecom files from the GEnie Telecom RoundTable from when I was SysOp of the group, I have uploaded all the individual files to The Wrong Number ][ File Library and The Wrong Number ]I[ File Library. A lot of other things behind the scenes has also taken place for security purposes. I have opened up port 2022 on The Wrong Number ][ BBS as a SSH connection.
There's more going on in the background so stay tuned!!

Update: 03/26/2022
We now have a domain name, if you accessed the webpage through the address wnbbs.duckdns.org it has now changed to www.wrgnbr.com the old address automatically sends you to the new domain. All of the BBS' have also changed now to the new domain they are as follows:

Wrong Number ][ BBS        wn2.wrgnbr.com:23       Mystic Software
Wrong Number ]I[ BBS       wn3.wrgnbr.com:6400   C-Net Amiga Software
Wrong Number IV BBS       wn4.wrgnbr.com:23       Image BBS v3.0
Wrong Number VI BBS       wn6.wrgnbr.com:23       Image BBS v1.2b (1993 Retro BBS)

The duckdns.org addresses will stay actrive for the forseeable future but will be shut down eventually. So make the changes now before you get shut out!

Update: 02/19/2022
Thanks to Gigino and Xlar54, C-Net 10.0 now is Y2K and Swiftlink compatible, so the original Bucko's Den is now online again. I will be updating the software with mods that either I wrote or friends of mine wrote from back in 1986-1987. I will also be releasing these mods over the coming weeks.

The Door Server is well over 140 games now, and getting larger by the day!

Update: 07/04/2021
I am in the process of upgrading the software the Door Server runs on from Synchronet 3.17b to 3.18b. What this will do is also allow in the coming months Commodore Color Graphics users to be able to use the Door Server with their CG Terminals without having to log on with an ANSI terminal. The Door Server will truly be a one stop shop for all gaming needs. If you want to see Online Game/Doors added to it please don't hesitate to ask me to add it. If you want to contribute and register the door I will not turn it down.

In addition to the above, over the next several months I will be evaluating all of my BBS' to see if they are being used, or just wasting space. It is conceivable that 1 or more will be taken down OR combined into different software which gives me the added possibilities of adding to the Family!

Update: 06/26/2021
Not much has been going on over the past few months, Wrong Number IV has been undergoing a lot of changes from new Online Games, to modifications to one of a kind brand new files being written by myself. It's been a while since I wrote any software for Image BBS and it has felt good. I am also adding in older files with a new kick they are fully 40/80 column compatible.

The Door Server has a new door added Yankee Trader, along with a couple of new boards which are hooked up to it. If you would like to get your BBS hooked up click the link for the Door Server on the
top of the page.
Update: 01/29/2021
Lots of things going on over the past 2 months. Bucko's Den (Image 2.0 BBS) was taken down due to lack of use. The Wrong Number V (Image 1.2 BBS) was also taken down not due to lack of use but to more streamline the Family of BBS' and allow my free time to be better spent on boards that are more up to date then others. I have also been playing with a C-Net 128 v7.2+ for a friend. I haven't decided yet if I will be keeping it for myselfor giving it to him. Give it a call at twbbs.ddnsfree.com:6428 It is 1 of only 2 C-Net 128 boards running that we know of and running in Emulation. In the coming months I intend to expanded the Door Server with more doors and hook up other BBS' to it so there is more players in the games.

Update: 12/05/2020
The Wrong Number ][ (wn2.wrgnbr.com:23) has been undergoing a lot of menu work over the past week. I will most likely have the new cursor driven menu's up and running in about a week. At that point I will devote time to adding in more doors to the Door Server.

I have also changed the FQDN addresses for all of the BBS', you can still reach them via the wn2duckdns.org:port but now they are as follows:

The Wrong Number ][ BBS        wn2.duckdns.org:23
The Wrong Number ]I[ BBS       wn3.duckdns.org:6400
The Wrong Number IV BBS       wn4.duckdns.org:3000
The Wrong Number V BBS        wn5.duckdns.org:6408
Bucko's Den BBS                       bdbbs.duckdns.org:6407
Bucko's Den II BBS                    bd2.duckdns.org:6800

If you come across any that do not work please let me know.

Update: 11/05/2020
As of today Bucko's Den is now running on a Emulated CMD 4.1gig Hard Drive in WinVice. The Wrong Number IV is currently being run from a Emulated Lt Kernal Hard Drive also in a WinVice setup. Although that will be changing to a Emulated CMD Hard Drive the same as Bucko's Den so I can take advantage of the SuperCPU emulation speeding the BBS up to 20mhz!

Update: 10/03/2020
Updated the website a bit, did some upgrades on the Image BBS v3.0 (Wrong Number IV BBS) It is getting more and more difficult to determine if that BBS runs on a C64, a C128, Amiga, or PC! The screens all center now in 40 or 80 columns. Including 90% of the text of the BBS program!! There's more where this came from!! A LOT more!!!

Update: 09/18/2020
The website has been updated with this page that you are currently viewing. On the BBS front, Image BBS v3.0 is getting closer to release. The latest now detects ANSI mode correctly and there is no need to answer questions when connecting.

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