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Image BBS Support

File Downloads

Image BBS v3.0 BBS On A Stick v2.2 Update - Updated 5/25/2024
Description: Windows Version of BBS on a Stick. It can't get much easier then this to run a BBS. Un-zip this file, drop the IM3 folder
on your C:\ drive, then double click the runme.bat file. Full Documentation in ZIP File.

Image v3.0 BBS On A Stick 2.2L (Debian/Ubuntu Install) - Updated 5/25/2024
Description: Linux Version of BBS on a Stick. This file will take a brand new Debian/Ubuntu based distro and Install all pre-requisites,
svn the latest nightly, install a fix in the RS-232 routines of Vice to make file transfers in Image BBS work much better. Documentation
is included in the zip file.

Wrong Number Family Of BBS' PFile Disk 1 - Released 3/25/2023
Description: The first Wrong Number Family PFile Disk. Includes mods, PFiles and other files of interest for Image BBS v3.0.

Image BBS v3.0 Full Version - Updated 12/31/23
Description: The complete Image BBS v3.0 Master Disk set. Documentation included.

Image BBS v3.0 Fixes For The 03/18/23 Master Disks - Updated 12/31/23
Description: 3.0 Fixes up release 12/31/23 for the 03/18/23 Master Disks.

Striketerm 2014
Description: Striketerm 2014 this version works perfect for downloading and uploading from Image BBS, make sure you set the
flow control to software controlled.

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