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Door Server

Update: 05/27/2024
As you can see, this page has been updated. The Door Server is going well. Not a lot of activity, but running and is up 99% of the time. There have been several new doors added and I intend to add many MANY more in the coming months. I have about another 200 or so that look interesting and have vanity keys for them, so they will play as registered.

Update: 08/09/2021
The Door Server now has 105 games/doors on it. They are for the most part Freeware doors so they do not have nag screens. Come by check them out, you might want to stay for awhile.

Update: 08/04/2021
The Door Server has been going through a metamorphosis over the past couple of months. Approximately 15 new doors have been added, the screens have been spruced up and a few new BBS' have joined up. It will never be like bigger Door Servers, but it is growing. Check it out and join in on the fun.

Update: 07/04/2020
The Wrong Number Family Door Server is a SynchroNet based Door server. Currently it has close to over just over 50 doors on it. It is a work in progress as I like to try to add at least 1 or 2 doors every week to it. Most of the doors on the server are registered.

How Do I Join?

If you would like to hook your bbs up to this Door Server, please email Bucko at bucko@wrgnbr.com and I will set you up. All your BBS Software needs is RLOGIN compatibility. If running Mystic BBS, Enigma or Synchronet, it is as simple as editing a file or adding a menu command. Full instructions come with the welcome pack I send out when you sign up.

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